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Sandeep PandeySandeep Pandey is an expert in developing field level processes for organizations that demand control of their operating costs, particularly payment collection, in order to keep price to consumers low. Sandeep has been involved in every level of payment collection, from practicing to process development, in organizations such as SKS and Bharti Micro Credit, the later in which he acted as Chief Operating Officer. Sandeep is CEO of MGP and responsible for collections, growth, and maintenance.

Brian Shaad is an experienced entrepreneur and advocate having co-founded Value Development Initiatives, Mera Gao Power, and Feeding Crane Farms. While sustainability is a key message of the non-profit sector, Brian’s driving motivation is on scalability which he believes can only be reached when business units do not require strong outside micro-management. Brian is responsible for business development at Mera Gao Power.

Nikhil Jaisinghani is an experienced entrepreneur having co-founded Value Development Initiatives, a Nigeria-focused energy infrastructure company, and Mera Gao Power. Experience in both companies has led Nikhil to the driving principle that service businesses rather than product businesses have the greatest potential of reaching the world’s poor. Nikhil is responsible for raising investment at Mera Gao Power.

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