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From Back Street to Wall Street Podcast:

MGP was invited as a speaker on the a podcast series titled "From Back Street to Wall Street" put together by Wharton and IIX.

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Mera Gao Power is Crowd Funding:

bettervest GmbH, a German crowd funding platform, has begun crowd fundraising a loan for MGP to support the expansion of the company's micro grid network. To read more about the project and the terms of the loan.

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Mera Gao Power raises Series B equity round:

MGP has raised $2.5 million in equity capital to expand its network of micro grids, reach 300,000 people with life-changing energy services, and achieve profitability. The round was funded by a consortium of investors which included Insitor Seed (Insitor), the ENGIE Rassembleurs d'Energies Initiative (RDE) .

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Mera Gao Power received a GOLD rating by GIIRS for its impact business model.

The largest contributor to MGP's gold rating was the business model's impact on customers' lives."Mera Gao Power is earning Renewable Energy Impact Credit for the installation of solar powered microgrids in small villages in Uttar Pradesh".

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