Mera Gao Power

Mera Gao Power builds, owns, and operates micro grids in Uttar Pradesh, India serving off-grid villages with high quality, dependable lighting and mobile phone charging services.By tailoring its micro grid design to meet the specific needs of poor, off-grid households, MGP's model has a number of advantages:

  1. A $900 micro grid: For approximately $900, MGP can build a micro grid to serve a typical hamlet
  2. Single day construction: Four staff walk into a village in the morning and leave that evening with customers receiving service
  3. Fully automated design: The system generates, stores, and distributes power on its own, turning itself on and off each night automatically

These factors make MGP’s model for micro grid operation unique in its commercial viability and scalability.

Quality, dependable light transforms lives; children are able to study at night, adults are able to earn additional income, and indoor air quality is improved. Our services benefit women who traditionally spend more time working indoors and children who accidentally drink kerosene and inhale its fumes. While some companies focus on mechanical uses of power, MGP has demonstrated that lighting is the true productive power for off-grid households.

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